Welcome to Oval Space Fashion Sunday

Hello friends and lovers of Oval Space. I’m here to tell you about a brand new monthly event on the Oval Space calendar – Fashion Sunday. Fashion Sunday is the stylish offspring of Hellespont designer Tiff and Oval Space owner Dan, and it’s here to slap you out of your Sunday market malaise.

I’m Sonia, and I’m one half of the ‘Fashion’ bit.


That’s me, back in the days when people had Blackberries.

Fashion Curator Tiffany

Tiff – the Fashion Curator – also with a really swanky phone.

Here’s what’s going to happen. The first Sunday of every month, Oval Space will be transformed into an open-plan boutique selling contemporary women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories from a range of London-based labels. There will be current season stock, archive pieces, samples and other rare gems on offer. Each label will have its own individually curated space where you’ll be able to buy directly from the designer and/or their team.

On top of this, there’s going to be great music, drink and loads of tasty food. There will be space to kick back and catch up, pore over new swag, and, if you’ve pushed on through or are suffering from the night before, perhaps have a little snooze. Even the most fashion-skeptical are guaranteed to have a good time. One thing Oval Space really knows how to do is put on a party.

Booka Shade at Oval Space

The reason we’re doing this (apart from to get invited to loads of great fashion parties) is simple: we love design, and are passionate about helping emerging designers to get their stuff out there. Time and fashion wait for no man, as the saying goes, and the fashion calendar can be brutal – having to juggle developing a new collection while still completing the production of the previous one. Tiff is a designer herself, and she knows the struggle. I hope to be a designer, and I already feel like I’m struggling just in anticipation.

There’s a whole city full of talented people out there making gorgeous and unusual things, and we want to create a space for them to show and sell their wares directly to you. Each month we will bring you a diverse and exciting selection of designers – from the established to those just starting to make waves. All are causing some excitement within their industry, and for good reason; they have a unique point of view and beautiful things to show for it.

Paper London designs Moxham 1 Moxham 2 Paper London and Moxham - just two of the designers who'll be at our inaugural event

Our first event will be on Sunday 2nd February, open to the public from 11am and we’ve got a fantastic line-up for you - check out the website or Facebook event page for all the details. You cal also follow Fashion Sunday on Twitter.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing this blog on a regular basis from now on. It will be a space to show you some of the amazing designers we’re working with, give you an inside view of what we’re up to, and act as a little repository of general fashion flotsam and jetsam that I think you might find interesting.

Until next time. S.