Record Shopping With The Ghost

Ahead of their extended closing set at The Pickle Factory this Friday 28th October, Josh Tweek and James Creed took us record shopping inside The Ghost, their 2nd hand record shop on wheels (a 1970s Mercedes camper van) that has taken Berlin by storm since opening a few months ago.

James and Josh will be bringing all ten of their selections to The Pickle Factory on Friday to give away at the show.

And.rea ‎– Perception Of Objective Reality // Melliflow

Sexy new double album on Melliflow by a talented up and comer. We have a nice relationship with the Mellicrew aka Alexandra and Vera (as does the Pickle Factory it seems) so thought it would be nice to include a copy of this.

Milch ‎– Bügelbretter De Luxe - Housefrau Remix-EP // Ladomat 2000

Bit of a secret weapon on the B2 here. A very effective little vocal garage house number. Nothing like the other tracks on the EP which are crappy prog trance.

Various ‎– Live & Uncensored In New York // Wild Style Records

A rare little slab from the hip hop crates. Grainy beats with live rapping by Redman and Keith Murray. A cool home listener.

Link ‎– Amenity // Dawn

Killer stuff by Mark Pritchard. Ambient trancey techno. Sold out on Discogs too this one.

Elektrochemie LK ‎– Raw Deal // Confused Recordings

We’re into the b1 on this- ‘Odd Man Out’. Tough German tech house/techno. Dancefloor tackle.

Laidback Luke ‎– Music's Always On My Mind // Touché

This has one track on it that we’ve heard in both Bergs and Panners on the same night. Like the above Elektrochemie record there is one dancefloor smasher of a track on here with a scratch-a-pella. Goes off!

Sebastian Eduardo ‎– Ultima Necat EP // Croisière Musique

Newish on the always decent Croisière Musique. Sebastian Edouardo’s first EP, excellent glitchy minimal. He’s one to watch we reckon.

Headtop ‎– Hijack / Madshit // Urbanbass

There’s a really funky side to this, percussive house jam with an acid jazzy kind of feel. Outdoor bomb. Preserve for summer 2017.