Junki Inoue's 7am Playlist


On Friday 27th May, The Pickle Factory welcomes two Japanese masters of the DJing art. DJ Masda and Junki Inoue share more than a nationality: both have a purist approach to DJing, based on the medium of vinyl, an obsession with unearthing long-lost music, and a style of lean, trippy electronics that references 90s UK sounds, early Detroit techno and Golden Age tech-house.

They are also no strangers to marathon DJ sets, and woozy after hour sessions. As we are extending the closing hours of the party to long past the usual 6am curfew, we asked Junki for his top five records to play when sunlight starts to creep through The Pickle Factory’s skylights…


Globex - B1

Maas - Juan Is The Teacher

Anthony Rother - Untitled A3

A Guy Called Gerald - Just Soul

Fusion - Cube Of The Blues