OSM Mix Series: Fred P

Fred P plays an All Night Long DJ session on 8th July, in honour of his new quarterly residency at The Pickle Factory and Oval Space.

Fred P is one of the most enduring figures on the contemporary house and techno scene. A deeply talented producer, forward thinking label owner, and simply sublime DJ, Fred has quickly become one of New York’s eminent dance music exports during his near-ten year career. Growing up to a musical family in Brooklyn during the 1980s, Peterkin was exposed to the disco, funk and hip hop that he now effortlessly rolls into his introspective house productions. The Soul People Music boss has also released records for New York contemporaries Underground Quality and The Corner, and a recent well-received LP on Mule Musiq.

It is behind a pair of turntables, however, that Fred P truly shows his mastery. The New Yorker could claim to be one of the most respected DJs in the dance music world, a deeper than deep digger who specialises in warm, emotive house and thumping US techno. No one sums up the ethos of The Pickle Factory quite like Fred - in his passion, his assiduous approach to production design, and his warm, understated presence. It is a distinct pleasure to announce his new residency at The Pickle Factory, and we expect Fred will have something special in store to mark the occasion on 8th July.

Get tickets here for Fred P All Night Long at The Pickle Factory on 8th July.