OSM Mix Series: Miro

OSM 013 comes from a DJ that's close to our hearts - Miro. Since February, Miro has run Sunday Club*, a regular Sunday evening soirée in The Pickle Factory, inviting guests such as Jane Fitz and Brian Not Brian to play marathon B2B DJ sets with his good self. Throughout the summer, Sunday Club* will be going al fresco, taking up residence on our newly opened terrace all day on Sundays.

His OSM mix is a beautiful and eclectic ode to the sounds of Sunday Club*. In Miro's own words:

"Where there is love, there is life. This motto explains how I feel about music. It’s a beauty that brings light to our lives. I've always felt I have a gift to choose the right music in the right moment. Sunday Club* is a happening, where the DJ can show beauty in the music he deeply loves. There are no set times. Just a few DJs using time to create a journey through a universe called music. In two short hours of this mix, I'm telling a story by playing and mixing around different music genres. Human beings are not built for constant and repetitive fast tempos. I always believed in slower moments in the night, different rhythms and emotions. Just imagine what you might hear in a ten hour set..."