Steve O'Sullivan's Favourite Bluetrain Records


Few dance music labels are as profoundly influential, nor as deeply respected, as Steve O’Sullivan’s Mosaic Records. Mosaic - and its sublabels Green, Bluespirit and Bluetrain - began releasing a series of deep techno and dub house records in 1996 that still remain as fresh, timeless and compelling as they were twenty years ago.

On Friday 2nd September, The Pickle Factory will host the UK debut of Steve’s new live moniker - Bluetrain. The home for O’Sullivan’s most hypnotic, stripped-back minimal house and dub techno, Bluetrain is Mosaic’s most treasured sub-label, each release a masterpiece of exquisite design, a raw and beautiful production aesthetic, and a ‘less is more’ ethos deployed to dubby perfection.

Ahead of his much-anticipated debut on Friday, we asked Steve O’Sullivan for his Top 5 Favourite Bluetrain Records.

  1. Red Eye Dubs (Bluetrain 1998)

"I may as well start with one of the best ones. Most of the material released as Bluetrain has been dub inspired but it’s strictly dub vibes on this collaboration with John Beer and Syd Crossley from back in ’98. One of those records that I'm immensely proud of."

  1. Street Sadness #2 (Bluetrain 1997)

"Recorded at a time when I was still developing the sound of the Bluetrain project, this is a simple, raw, percussive groover with plenty of dubbed out fx. Recently repressed on ‘archive cuts’ which thankfully sounds much better than the crackly version on YouTube!"

  1. Special Edition (Bluetrain 1998)

"Of all the dub/deep techno cuts I've released, this has always been a fave. It’s one of those tracks I play people who ask what Bluetrain is all about. I guess this was the point where the signature sound developed for the project - the combination of dark and dubbed-out atmospherics with a heavy bottom end works nicely on this one."

  1. Where’s Burt? (Bluetrain 1999)

"A collaboration with Ben Sims. We recorded a couple of EPs on Mosaic around the same time but this is one of the standouts for me from those sessions."

  1. Friday Night Dub (Sushitech Records 2016)

"With the Bluetrain show happening on a Friday, it seems appropriate to choose this one. Fresh from a recent double pack on Sushitech."

Steve O'Sullivan presents Bluetrain Live this Friday 2nd September at The Pickle Factory, alongside Nail and Annie Errez.