Joe’s Top 6 Bargain Bin Gems

No one makes dance music quite like Joe. The Hessle Audio artist has made some of the most sought-after and strange house and techno of recent years. Combining his love for dubstep and the golden Plastic People era with cunningly sampled jazz and soul, he's the producer behind many of Hessle Audio's biggest releases - 'Claptrap', 'Slope', this year's 'Tail Lift' - not to mention the ubiquitous 'Thinkin About', released on Four Tet's Text Records in 2015.

This New Year's Day, Joe is part of a double venue Hessle Audio showcase at Oval Space and The Pickle Factory, as the pioneering UK label takes over both our venues for with a host of Hessle family and friends in tow. Ahead of the show, we caught up with Joe to ask him his Top 6 Bargain Bin Gems, that we might hear him spin on NYD. Not surprisingly, his choices are tasteful, eclectic, and more than a little left-of-centre.

52nd Street - Tell Me (How It Feels)

"I couldn't find this in the usual racks, so I asked the shopkeeper if he'd spotted it anywhere, keeping my expectations low. Turns out there was a near-mint copy in the sale bins! Only £1, and I've played it at almost every gig since."

Chick Corea - Tap Step

"From the bargain bin of (ahem) my mum's record collection. Decent copies are cheap, and the vinyl's cheaper than the CD. The linked track is one I've probably played out the most, but the whole LP is great."

Nigerian Nation - African Morning

"One of those rare (for me!) cases where grabbing something random from a "house" crate yielded a decent tune. (And it was only recently put on YouTube, that's lucky.)"

Barbara Tucker ‎- Beautiful People (Dem 2 Remix)

"Looks like the price might be slowly creeping up on this one, but it's still pretty reasonable and I'm fairly sure you can only get it on vinyl. I expected to find a copy in a shop over the years but never did, so finally grabbed one on Discogs recently."

Georgie Red - Help The Man

"I try to check a record store when I visit a city and was happy to find this 12" lurking in a-musik in Köln. It's cheap, but most of the copies are in mainland Europe. Shipping costs can sometimes take the edge off a fun bargain, so it was nice to have the chance to pick it up in person."

Jacob F. Desvarieux ‎- Sweet Florence

"This got a (sort-of-)reissue in 2017, but neither that nor the original LP are particularly cheap. I understand there's reasons you might want a vinyl copy, but it's worth knowing that a FLAC can be yours for 109p. So this is a nice example of the digital bargain bin! (And it might even support the artist. :¬)"

Joe debuts in The Pickle Factory this New Year's Day as part of a Hessle Audio showcase. Tickets are on Final Release on Resident Advisor