Record Shopping With Volte-Face

On 17th February, The Pickle Factory invites three of techno’s brightest talents to the floor: Max_M protégé Wrong Assessment, acclaimed Dutch live duo Artefakt, and BleeD founder Volte-Face.

Volte-Face has emerged as a key figure in London's adventurous electronic music scene, initially promoting some of the capital's most vital nights under his BleeD banner, and more recently as a producer, and running the label of the same name. Identifying as a DJ first and foremost, he takes a patient and measured approach in the booth, allying diverse and imaginative influences to a deep and heady techno pulse. He has remixed or been remixed by DJ Spider, DJ Nobu, Svreca, Peder Mannerfelt, Iori and Phil Moffa and, aside from his solo BleeD releases and as one half of Rote (with Daniel Avery) has also made a recent appearance on Semantica’s esteemed Nonnative series.

Ahead of the show, we went record shopping with Volte-Face at East London's Kristina Records. He'll be bringing his haul along to The Pickle Factory this Friday.

G-Man - Styrax Leaves

Features 'Quo Vadis', one of the most timeless 'tracky' techno anthems, and a record that never leaves my bag, AKA USB stick. Produced by Gez Varley, one half of the legendary LFO alongside the sadly departed Mark Bell. Nice yellow pressing as well!

The Invariants - TI999

A very talented young producer from The Netherlands. Everything he puts out is emotive, acid/dub-tinged techno of the highest order. Buy on sight!

Blazej Malinowski - Profundity

Worth it for the tunnelling Edit Select remix alone, as heard on my recent podcast for Blocaus.

Agonis - Visionquest

A Swiss talent, who I met in person for the first time at Labyrinth a couple of years back. He makes lovely, deep techno with a soulful, transportive twist. Coming on like a geopolitically neutral Joey Anderson.

Pepe Bradock - Burning

An original, valuable pressing, containing 'Deep Burnt', the most majestic, affecting deep-house production of all-time. Need I say more?

The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

All of The Caretaker's records are essential relaxation fare, although the theme of the project is a contemplation of Alzheimer's disease, which is not a very relaxing thought in and of itself. Leyland Kirby is also know for producing (brilliant) music under his own name, and I recommend an exploration of his output as V/VM if you fancy tapping into the very core of dark, British humour and mindfuckery.

Volte-Face plays The Pickle Factory this Friday 17th February