A Made Up Sound introduces his new live project

It's hard to put a fine point on Dave Huisman's long, prolific production career. Under an array of aliases - 2562, Dogdaze, and A Made Up Sound - the Dutchman has recorded some of the most essential electronic music of the past decade. As eclectic as his output as been, there is something indefinable that connects Huisman's broken beat rhythms. Ben UFO put it best, saying "I've no idea how Dave does it, but his tracks manage to be at once totally self-contained... and totally outward-looking and expansive, touching on the fault lines between scenes and styles and sounding relevant in countless different contexts."

Tonight, Huisman debuts his A Made Up Sound live project at The Pickle Factory - only the second time he has performed it in London. A serial record collector and superb DJ, Huisman has only recently taken the step into the live performance sphere. We caught up with him to hear more about his new live project.

Considering your vast body of work as A Made Up Sound, what can we expect from your live show? We are intrigued, as you have made so many different styles of electronic music..

When completing my label last Autumn I decided to take a little break from putting out records and put anything new I'd make exclusively towards a live set. The idea was to cut out the less pleasant aspects of finalising and releasing music for a while, keeping the fun parts: writing it and playing it. There's quite a variety of material to choose from, let's see how it pans out this time.

As it's only an hour set, it must be hard to squeeze too much in. Have you been changing up tracks you play from show to show? And how much improvisation is involved with the performance?

Indeed. When playing strictly your own music, I feel it's key to not overstay your welcome. Beyond a certain point more is less. So whenever I add something new, something else needs to go. It's a constant work in progress anyway: for every set I play, I loosely prepare an hour's worth of material on the day of the gig, going with what I think will suit the context best and learning from previous times. When playing I'll figure out where to take detours or shortcuts, or stray from the path entirely. It's not yet as flexible and improvised as I'd want it to be, but I'm getting closer.

Do you have any new music that we should be listening out for next week? Or is it mostly re-worked old material?

Quite a lot of it is unreleased and doesn't even exist in any finished form. As I mentioned earlier that was the major motivation for doing this run of live sets. There's some on the fly reworks and overdubs of released tracks in there too though, through DJing I've learnt that if people come to see me play they'd like to hear some of those too and I appreciate that.

It's about 6 months on from the London debut of your live show, at Corsica. How have you found performing as a live act generally? Do you enjoy it more or less than DJing?

It depends - on how well the set's going, on how good the venue sounds, on how receptive the audience is. On some occasions I've struggled and thought I really am a DJ at heart. But at other times, when everything does click, it's a rush you can't get from DJing. Sharing your new music with people, especially when that's the only moment it exists, it can't get more direct than that.

A Made Up Sound performs live at The Pickle Factory tonight, along with Livity Sound founder Peverelist and Hardwax's Finn Johannsen