Tracks Of Salon Des Amateurs, Chosen by Tolouse Low Trax, Vladimir Ivkovic & Jan Schulte


This Friday, Salon Des Amateurs has its debut UK showcase at The Pickle Factory, with the club’s co-founder Detlef Weinrich aka Tolouse Low Trax, and key residents Vladimir Ivkovic and Jan Schulte bringing the Salon sound to London for the very first time. We have been keen admirers of SDA since the Düsseldorf spot opened in 2004: a tiny, no-frills bar with a killer soundsystem, and an adventurous music policy that starts at esoteric electronics, then stretches endlessly in all directions.

Ahead of Friday, we asked Detlef, Vlad and Jan to pick out three records that sum up the spirit of Salon Des Amateurs.


Agymosas (Gong 1996)

Playing this track was always the greatest pleasure for me at Salon, if the Audience was ready dancing to every kind of Music. Needs a high Education and open minded People. Insane Deep Prog Disco track.

Don't Know Malendro (Faya Combo 2003)

Off course we had also a lot off high class disco moments at Salon-then I have to remember this one and People are happy for the rest of the Night.

Bed Caves (Awesome Records 1983)

Mostly played at 45 minus 8. For radical dark Dancers.


Agymosas (Gong 1996)

I dont think anyone of us knows what these hungarian prog dudes are singing of, but this track always was pure magic on the floor.

Krautkamerad (2011)

This track brings up memories of the early salon days when Stabil Elite were still jamming long kraut sessions.

Crammed Discs, Lamuka (1983)

Hector Zazou is responsible for a lot of salon classics, but this might be the biggest. The slow tempo, the combination of electronics and the almost folkloristic singing plus the euphoric horns in the end make this the perfect anthem.


The Green Journey (Polydor 1971)

One of the great early morning tracks from a classic album, that can turn Salon des Amateurs upside down.

Space Hymns (Vertigo 1971)

Another early morning track that I have fond memories of. This one is for the third eye dancers and those moments when wall start to bend and floor to melt.

DISILLUSIONED ("M" Produkcija Radio Novog Sada 1987)

Facedance is one of the tracks to start the Salon kind of party with it’s words, rhythm, guitar, it still sounds the best at the Salon.