Tracks Of L.I.E.S & The Trilogy Tapes, Chosen by Ron Morelli & Will Bankhead

DIY dance music is enjoying a golden moment. From Timedance, to Berceuse Heroique, to 1080p, a new generation of independent labels has seized the dance music zeitgeist. Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S and Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes have spearheaded this movement. On other sides of the Atlantic, the friends' labels emphasise similar DIY ideals: both are one-man operations run out of their homes in South London and Brooklyn (though Ron now lives in Paris); both rely on a tight-knit group of label artists who are close friends as well as talented producers; and both release eclectic records that all share a rough, esoteric musical aesthetic.

This Friday, Ron and Will join an all-star cast of leftfield house and techno artists at The Pickle Factory, which also includes Kassem Mosse and Biscuit. Ahead of the show, we asked The Trilogy Tapes and L.I.E.S bossmen to pick out three of their favourite records from each other's labels.

Ron Morelli

Rezzet - Yayla

"Of course this is an obvious choice, but undoubtedly a timeless classic in the catalog. Total bizzzaro-world anthem."

Chemotex - Payphone Player

"Complete jacking madness from the studios of Marcos Cabral. Every time he breaks out the Chemotex moniker one knows you're in store for something special, this release being his first under that name. Exceptional!"

DJ Spider and Marshalito - CH2FCF3

"Completely sinister stuff from these New Yorkers, it's like some fucked up version of Suburban Knight through a meat grinder... always causing havoc when played. Essential TTT material here."

Will Bankhead

KWC 92 ‎– Dream Of The Walled City (O.S.T.)

"Killer LP from two Stockholm stalwarts, Samo DJ & Maxxxbass… Timeless and underrated!"

Terekke ‎– Damn E.P.

"Damn! A L.I.E.S. classic! You think your friend's mellow? Nah."

Jorge Velez ‎– Animals Disk

"Totally out there on its own… An individual BEAST. Absolute must have LP!"