Destination Sonder Somatic: Eleven Tracks Tracing the Journey to Bruce’s Debut LP

Larry McCarthy, known as Bruce, has spent the past four years spinning dance music on its head. Since emerging in 2014, the Bristolian’s output has operated at all speeds and without any predictable formula, releasing on the likes of Hessle Audio, Timedance, Livity Sound and Hemlock.

This Friday, we join forces with Hessle to celebrate the release of Bruce’s debut LP ‘Sonder Somatic’ here at The Pickle Factory, with sets Pearson Sound, Danielle and of course the man of the hour. In anticipation, he sat down with us to chart a directly influence from each track from his forthcoming album.

John Tejada - Detector

"I've got stupidly loose to this too many times. It has that brilliant mix of big room intensity mixed with a rude hardcore-esque riff that from the off just lifts you up on a mad one. Trying to balance those two worlds played a big part in the writing process."

Moiré - Lose It (feat. Heidi Vogel)

"With not much more than a straight drum pattern, a haunting vocal and that merrrrkkking bassline, this track has literally all you need. Less really is more."

Prinz Ezo - G-Ang

"This really dense arrangement of twisted machine sound, smothered in creepy, flowing strings, chugging and churning at 90bpm, made me really want to try my hand at something slow, sexy and euphoric."

The Future Sound Of London - Cascade

"The majority of 'Meek' is built almost entirely out of a couple of short samples from this track. It was all about capturing the "futurism" of the original whilst replacing the stylistic tropes of the original's sonic roots with the space and dynamics needed for a soft, alternative big room percussive workout, for lack of a better term!"

Source Direct - Secret Liaison

"I properly got into Source Direct whilst writing this album and this has to be one of their best ever. So much elegance and beauty in the timeless harmonic content that washes over the tuff-as-fuk breaks."

Steve Pointdexter - Computer Madness

"When writing "What", the riff was initially so similar to this classic that I had to ask friends' opinions to whether I could get away with it or not. Whilst their responses were mixed, I came to realise that it's not necessarily the notation that makes the original so special, it's the maddening intensity that it creates. So I focused on that and like to think that despite the similarities, I've made it my own...

Smoke - Nuutri

"My mate Lee first showed this track to me and it's sexy take on a super simple dub techno arrangement blew me away! I had to try my hand at it. You can play the whole 14min start to finish and not get bored."

Autechre - 13x0 Step

13x0 step by Autechre

Stream 13x0 step by Autechre from desktop or your mobile device

"Whilst I'm a bit late to the party, Autechre had a huge influence on my album. The space and intensity carried by the mind bending and frankly, untouchable sonic prowess in this track is absolutely second to none. One day I want to be able to make music like this; beings that are so dynamically digital, they are human."

Pangaea - You & I

"A lot of my process came back to carrying on the lineage of music that came before me on the label. This track is not only one of Pangaea's best, but is also an example of how the 140bpm tempo has ways of going deep like no other."

Actress - Purrple Splazsh

"Up there as one of my all time favourites. The perfect combination of original and timeless sounds with beautiful harmonic arrangement create a melancholy groove that lifts and suspends you from start to finish."

Visible Cloaks - Terrazzo feat. Motion Graphics

"This track has made me cry so many times. Something about bringing those lamenting pipes into the digital world, creates a deepening emotion that is so overwhelmingly sad. I feel it's the choice of sounds that create an other-worldly emotional experience. And doesn't that zap into silence stab you like a laser sword, right in the heart?"

This Friday Bruce celebrates the launch of his debut LP at The Pickle Factory with Pearson Sound and Danielle. Final release tickets are available here.