DJ Slyngshot's 5 Breakz Belters

This Saturday, Yappin head-honcho DJ Slynghsot joins us for Heels & Souls with Mark Seven, DJ Slyngshot & Brudenell Groove. Ahead of his Pickle debut, Offenbach's illusive breakz wizard gave us a sneak peak into his mighty collection of breakbeat belters.

The Insiders - Drums In The Deep

Filtered breaks, amazing drum programming, sick stabs all over the track and a catchy vocal. Of all the breakbeat records I own I might have played this one most frequently - for a reason!

Also, Slyngshot recommends - get yourself 2 copies and juggle the part from 01:22 - 01:35 (and from 02:31-02:44).

Valley Of The Big Bass And Big Bass Drum - This Is The United States Calling

Those Guitars!!!! And such a solid built up. Mr. Icey at his best right here. Whenever you play this at the club people go nuts when those mad Gilmour riffs drop. I should probably give Pink Floyd some credit here anyways. They were one of the reasons why I got into making music as a teenager, so as you can imagine it was really fun for me to hear "Run Like Hell" getting the proper breaks treatment when I discovered this record a while ago.

Beatman & Ludmilla - Inka

Ok when "Inka" starts off the drums seem a bit static but once all those trippy synths and that mesmerising flute’s added… hell what a tune! If you’ve got just a spark of affinity for Big Beat you’ll dig this.

ILS - Next Level

Aaand another outstanding super trippy Big Beat tune!!! Got some laser beamz in there, a super low sine subbass, a didgeridoo like acid synth, a high passed reese, fresh vocals and a freakin’ orchestra on top of that - can’t go anything wrong with this formula!

This tune is definitely one of my all time favourites. All these elements are put together so well, it’s pretty much perfectly arranged and it’s also one of these bass and highs laden mixdowns where you’d have to listen more closely to perceive the quieter stuff within the midrange (mostly tripped-out delays woohoo).

Human Resource - Dominator (Joey Beltram Mix)

Last but not least the belter of all belters, a true rave classic. I mean the original is strong already but this remix… RIOT!!!

DJ Slyngshot makes his Pickle Factory debut for not-for-profit party Heels & Souls this Saturday. Less than 20 tickets remain, with all money going to music based mental health charity Key Changes.