Substance Selects - DJ Pete's Top 5 Warm-Up Favourites

A long-standing pillar of Berlin techno, Peter Kuschnereit's contributions to the city's scene are various and multifaceted. Emerging as an artist and DJ in the 1980s, Pete witnessed some of techno's earliest moments and, as the longest-serving member of the Hard Wax crew, has been situated at the heart of the movement's community ever since.

As one half of production duo Scion with Rene Lowe, and later a member of TR-101 alongside Sleeparchive, DJ Pete has garnered a reputation for prolific and far-reaching musical output. Otherwise known as Substance, his expressive presence behind the decks is equally formidable - over 30 years of DJing, blending a vast and encyclopaedic knowledge of dub, techno and house make him one of the most revered in the game.

DJ Pete joins us alongside Surgeon and Lady Starlight on 8th June for a very special evening of techno at Oval Space. Ahead of his warm-up set on the evening, Pete takes us through five of the finest ultimate floor-warmers in his bag.

Surgeon - Bad Hands (Roly Vex'd Remix) - [Dynamic Tension]

"Secret weapon!"

Scorn - Turn Ting Up [OHM]

"This is an example of a genius producer's track and it makes me think of another genius producer, Kryptic Minds."

Vainqueur - Antistatic I [Scion Versions]

"One of the best examples of unique sound design in Techno."

Sleeparchive - Sleepless Six [NORD VEST]

"A series of eight tracks recorded during Sleeparchive's sleepless nights in February 2018."

Caustic Window - Clayhill Dub [Rephlex]

"This is Aphex Twin's Dub track. I hope he’ll do some more!"

Join us on Friday 8th June, as Surgeon presents a unique evening of music, alongside DJ Pete and the notorious Lady Starlight.