Sounds Of The Dance: Josey Rebelle

Josey Rebelle's passion for her craft is vivacious, whether you're watching her in the club, tuned into Rinse FM, or just chatting about tunes with her. A close intimacy with music of all stripes is perhaps what's setting Josey apart as one of the UK's finest DJ's, who increasingly plays all around the world. On July 27th, our Pickle Factory resident steps across the road to Oval Space, curating a night of wide-ranging sounds befitting her eclectic tastes. Before the show, one of dance-music's most friendly faces kindly shared some choice cuts from the artists she's invited down to join her, and explains the thought-process behind the programming.

A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric

I love everything A Guy Called Gerald has created, from the acid right through to the jungle, but this is probably my favourite track. I opened a recent set at Panorama Bar in Berlin with this – it was 9am and the sun was threatening to break through the blinds into the hazy room. As soon as I walked in, I knew it was the right tune to start with, and when those powerful vocals reverberated around the room, all my butterflies disappeared and I felt at home right away. I am so excited this pioneer will be playing an acid house set at Oval Space.

Actress – Fantasynth

Having Actress and A Guy Called Gerald on the same bill is a dream for me. I think they have so much in common in their sound, sensibility and energy. Actress is one of those artists who never leaves my record bag. I love this track from his AZD album – for some reason it kind of reminds me of the novel 1984, or like being in some post-apocalyptic world and discovering a rusty old music box that reminds you of what the world once was. Every time I’ve seen Actress play, it’s been mind-blowing and I can’t wait to hear the vibe he creates.

rRoxymore – bRINGTHEbRAVE

It’s so hard to describe rRoxymore’s sound - it feels like she’s someone who can’t be pinned down and is always dashing away from you trying to elude any labels. You can tell from her productions on labels like DBA and Timedance that she has the broadest musical palette, all those influences from jazz and funk to techno and grime just seem to merge and pour out of her beautifully, raw one minute, deep the next. Whether you call her music house or techno (or whatever), she is the perfect artist to enable you to let go and surrender yourself to the music.

Danielle guest mix on Rinse FM

As well as being an amazing illustrator, Bristol-based Danielle works at Phonica Records, one of my favourite places in London for buying new music. She’s exposed to amazing music day in, day out and you can hear her strong selection skills at work in this mix she recorded for my Rinse FM show earlier this year in which she moves effortlessly from lush chords to spellbinding acid and electro sounds. Playing music makes her so happy and I love her vibes. She is definitely one to watch.

Tuff Jam feat. Tyree Cooper – History of House Music

This one is for Judah who has been on the mic hosting my residency sessions at The Pickle Factory this year. He always brings the best vibes and knows how to keep the crowd bubbling. Judah and I often end up having never-ending conversations about our mutual first love, jungle, but we also both love a bit of 90s house & garage and this track always makes me think of him.

Josey Rebelle Presents is on the 27th of July. Final tickets for the party are available on Resident Advisor through this link.