Sounds Of The Dance: Brudenell Groove

If you're a patron of Leeds's thriving party scene, Brudenell Groove is a name you'll no doubt be familiar with. The DIY party collective and DJ crew have been running some of the city's finest, communally spirited dances for a number of years, taking cues from Back To Basics all the way though to Butter Side Up and Cosmic Slop, and as with the latter, admirably use these events as a chance to raise money for various charities. As co-founder Oliver Walkden explains, "I hope that people can feel as though it is their party, and not the promoters'. That's why we suggested the name Brudenell Groove. I used to live on Brudenell Grove in Hyde Park. I want it to feel as if you are coming home when you go out."

Ahead of their debut on Saturday 6th July at The Pickle Factory, where they'll be raising money for AKT Charity as well as showcasing the prodigious talents of a selection of their rotating DJ roster, we caught up with Brudenell Groove, tasking them with picking some classic tracks and spinning some folk-story narrative.

Special Request - Broken Dreams (Houndstooth)

“Woolford’s a hero. This tune is naughty. What more can I say?” (Will Lowe)

Space Cadets - Skill Shot (Seven Hills)

In recent years trance might have got bad press down here in the underground, but up there in space it’s proper booting off. The big question is: who’s going to strap on their jet packs and go and fetch it? Fortunately for us, dear reader, NASA have stationed two of their wiggiest explorers in the humble city of Leeds, and that means trouble for dancefloors all across the country. Fan favourites in our circles and two men you shouldn’t trust to take a funeral seriously, Lisene and Adam Pits won’t stop til techno’s silly again, and their split EP on Seven Hills is a strong mission statement for their dastardly plan. (Andrew Kemp)

Chekov - Stasis 113 (Timedance)

As a friend of Chekov’s, it was a pleasant surprise to hear the cut-throat stabs of Stasis 313 resounding across the Boiler Room stage at Dekmantel following its pre-release selection by Pearson Sound. Since that moment, this instantly recognisable bomb became a staple for loads of artists, and remains a heavy DJ tool with which to craft, and anchor, sets of futuristic techno. (Oliver Walkden)

Carlos - Tape 06, Side A (Cong Burn) - Click here to listen

On a frosty evening in Leeds City centre in December 2017, while all else was clenched by a grey cold, a little courtyard in the shadow of a Kirkgate train bridge was slowly thawing to the sounds of Carlos. In this special interactive piece (transforming with each passing train above) composed especially for this festive event at Art Hostel, Charlotte really showcased her sensitive approach to seductive synth sounds, conjuring a looping jam of icy impressionism that was eventually — and deservedly — released on tape by the Manchester’s brilliant Cong Burn label. (Oliver Walkden)

Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter (Aus Music)

Mainstream media won’t acknowledge it, but London’s famous Hyde Park is actually a decoy designed to draw tourists away from its Leeds based namesake, or else the latter would be flooded with camera wielding royalists trying to steal a snap of the ascending DJ monarchy. The Hessle boys were coronated among those red bricks, probably in a basement with an orange sainsburys bag over the ceiling lamp, and whilst that was going on their good pal Midland snuck away to write out this garage belter with the artist soon to be crowned Pearson Sound. Pop-sensibility vocals, riddims and keys stutter their way through this certified head chopper, which is one part George VI and two parts Henry VIII. (Andrew Kemp)

Remember, Brudenell Groove host their first party underneath our wooden beams on July 6th. Final £5 tickets are available below.