2019 World AeroPress Championship

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It’s serious business, but all in good fun, with a blend of skill and luck needed for a win. So how does this madness work? The W.A.C is a multi-round, elimination tournament of competitive coffee making. Competitors have just a few minutes to brew a single cup of AeroPress coffee and present it to a panel of judges, who blind taste each coffee and pick the cup they find the tastiest. In each round of three, the competitor with the tastiest brew moves on through the tournament until just one competitor remains.

This year’s competition coffee will be kept top secret until just before the first round kicks off. Competitors will have only four hours to taste the coffee and perfect their recipe before taking to the stage to brew in front of an eager crowd.

“But what’s in it for the spectators?” I hear you ask. Good question! At the end of each round, competitors will make their way to the Competitor Brew Bar where they’ll brew their winning recipes for the audience to sample. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to taste coffee prepared by literally the world’s best AeroPressers, for free. The competition coffee will be also be available for attendees to try as an espresso or oat m*lk latte.