• Oval Space
  • Saturday 26th Jan 2019
  • 09:30 - 13:30

Oval Space Gets FRAMED!

Tickets available: Buy tickets

Frame is turning 10 and kicking off the year in a BIG way! We can’t think of a better way to start the year than jumping around on a trampoline to big tunes and calling it a workout. We’ve teamed up with Framed to bring you all the good feels this January.

Wake up make your way to East London. 1st stop the FRAME PLAYPEN where you can get glittered, braided, pick up some snazzy Sweaty Betty leggings and grab yourself a glow stick and pick up your swag bag before heading into your rebounding rave sesh. When you’ve been suitably jhoozed you will head into the main event, REBOUNDING RAVE. Lose yourself in the music and party like it’s 1999….you get the idea. Now that you’re high on those sweet, sweet endorphins you might want to head over to the FRAME Cafe and have a calming Pukka latte and a bite to eat. If you’ve still got some gas left in the tank head over to the Pickle Factory for a FRAME & FACEGYM workshop. This cheeky little workshop will start with a 30 minute FRAME quickie butt lift followed by a 30 minute FACEGYM quickie facelift where you will learn key exercises for your face to help defy gravity and keep everything where it should be. To take part in this session make sure to buy the add on ticket for £5!