Oval Space with Laurent Garnier (Extended Set), Eclair Fifi, Ceri

Laurent Garnier returns to Oval Space on April 19th for an extra-special extended set, joined by Scottish DJ / visual-artists Éclair Fifi and ‘Find Your Own’ founder Ceri.

What more can be said about Laurent Garnier? Respected universally in the dance-music community as both an extraordinary producer and true master in the art of DJing, France’s finest musical export has been making the planet dance for the past four decades. Characteristically, Laurent’s annual pilgrimage to Oval Space has become the thing of legend, and this year it only felt right to give him a debut extended set.

Eclair Fifi has carved a path for herself over the past few years as one of UK’s most colorful, genre-agnostic DJ’s, as well as continuing to establish her prowess as a visual artist through her work with Glasgow’s LuckyMe. She, alongside a warm-up from on-the-rise DJ, producer and self-professed Garnier zealot Ceri, will be the perfect prequel to another masterclass from the red-faced man.

Laurent Garnier (Extended Set)

Eclair Fifi