Secretsundaze 'Club Kids' Halloween Party with Prosumer, Honey Soundsystem & D. Tiffany

Prosumer Honey Soundsystem D. Tiffany Secretsundaze

Secretsundaze will once again host their annual Halloween 'Club Kids' party at Oval Space on Saturday 26th October.

Running for 3 years now, 'Club Kids' has captured a vibe and spirit which translates into to an incredible party. The effort people go to, to embrace the theme with fun, witty and outrageous outfits is next level and It also felt way more fitting for a dance music party steeped in history and open to all than the standard Halloween fare.

Musically we have selected a line up of DJs that we feel totally connect with the theme... Headlining is the one and only Prosumer. Originally a Panorama Bar resident for many years Prosumer is an absolute expert in the finest US house. He plays every year for the NYC Downlow of course and has played for us numerous times over the years never failing to deliver.

Making their Secretsundaze debut will be Honey Soundsystem. Having bumped into each other on various dance floors around the world and having much in common we thought it only right to bring them over. The DJ collective with their roots in San Francisco but now spread across Europe celebrate the roots of dance music through their DJ sets, parties and two labels.

Also breaking their Secretsundaze cherry is Montreal's D.Tiffany. First coming to our attention via her beautifully dreamy releases on Pacific Rhythm she has gone on to release killer music via her Planet Euphorique imprint. Quite often pumped up, high bpm but always with an aquatic edge her music should go down great late on in the party.

Secretsundaze are not trying to appropriate but pay homage to an era in clubland that they are very fond of. The party having run successfully for 18 years is known to be one of the most warm, welcoming and accepting parties in London and these guiding principles and foundations of dance music culture are ones which they hold in the highest esteem. For those that don't know the Club Kids were a bunch a young people that ran riot across NYC clubland during the mid 90's. They were most known for their flamboyant behaviour, outrageous costumes and gender fluidity and remembered for making a great impact as an artistic and fashion conscious youth culture whose influence can be felt in alternative queer club culture today.

Some more background - Secretsundaze are big fans of much of the house created and played in the era of the original Cub Kids in the mid 90's at The Sound Factory, The Limelight and Palladium where DJs Junior Vasquez and Danny Tenaglia ruled the roost and tracks such as Get Your Hands off My Man, Be Yourself, Music is The Answer and Reach For Me became anthems. They will be digging back into their collections to highlight some music from that era.

Of course we'll be all systems go with production transforming the blank canvass of Oval Space into a pleasure dome for the freaks! See y'all on the floor!