• The Pickle Factory
  • Sunday 24th Apr 2016
  • 18:00 - 00:00
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Sunday Club* with Good Genes & Miro

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Wow. After first three Sunday Club* sessions we can feel the family vibe. To keep it strong and emotional, the next guest is Peckham based collective ­Good Genes. Not famous yet, but trust us if we say this is the next generation of amazing djs.

Andy McDonald and Ali McDolphin have short, but strong history of making people dance. Good Genes parties in Life bar or Rye Wax are intense and musical. There are no boundaries in music genres. It’s pure emotion. Deep digging into the music with no borders brought us two amazing mixtapes. Both released in limited edition of... tape. including House of Traps Mootleg mix, or our favourite,­ Ali’s Japanese mix. Worth checking!

Enough words. Stick the date into your calendar, get Monday off, and talk to your dancingshoes...

with LOVE

Good Genes


Free before 10pm on Door List / £5 OTD after

This event is 18+, ID required.