• The Pickle Factory
  • Thursday 4th Apr 2019
  • 20:30 - 02:00
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Sympathy for the Disco

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Sympathy for the Disco: From the founders of Fleetmac Wood

Remixes and edits of the Stones, peppered with tracks from a few like-minded cats.

Calling Midnight Ramblers to the club for a night of tumbling remixes and edits of The Rolling Stones and like-minded cats. Not to mention some solid hat-tipping to the blues originators of modern music as we know it, all distorted through a disco guitar pedal.

This is the joint where analogue weaves with electronic music in a cheeky tangle. The originals will always be perfection, without a doubt, but where’s the challenge in playing the greatest hits? We’re just jamming in the disco and bringing these sounds back to where they belong. A darker place where you can feel a little high, loose and dance your way to some much-needed emotional rescue.