• The Pickle Factory
  • Saturday 1st Jun 2019
  • 22:00 - 06:00
  • Facebook Event

Visionobi Presents Rouge Jediii - Episode I

For the second instalment of Visionobi Presents, the celebrated artist has curated a special line-up on 1st June to mark his birthday and shine a light on his new project, Rogue Jediii, for a showcase at East London’s Pickle Factory.

The collective moniker of MCs Visionobi, Joe Raygun and DJ/producer Taelimb, the Rogue Jediii trio have been mindlessly carving their own paths in the drum and bass world in recent years. Bound by a mutual love of the BPM, Star Wars and afterparty chats, the concept was cemented somewhere south of the river in 2017 - where all truly great ideas come to fruition. After almost 2 years of meticulous planning, 2019 sees the group finally launch with a healthy selection of finished tracks.

For the night in question, Visionobi invites a bunch of friends to celebrate under the names of SCAR, Ed:It, Data 3, Monnroe, Maximous, Linguistics & K-Eye, an exclusive Visionobi DJ set & more.

This one promises to be a special evening in the intimate setting of The Pickle Factory, welcoming a plethora of familiar and new faces to the fore to mark the occasion.


Rogue Jediii — DEBUT SET (Visionobi, Joe Raygun & Taelimb)

Scar (Metalheadz)

Ed:it (Shogun Audio)

Data 3 (Flexout)

Monrroe (Shogun Audio)

Visionobi x Special Guests (Brothers in arms set)

Apey b2b Maximous (SINE Series)


Visionobi (Metalheadz/Dispatch)

Linguistics (Shogun Audio)

Joe Raygun (Flexout)

K-Eye (Innersoul)